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Researcher in NLP/MT at The University of Sheffield, UK

I am a Research Associate in Lucia Specia's team, as well as a member of the University of Sheffield NLP group. My research area is Machine Translation with a particular interest for discriminative training algorithms, quality estimation and continuous adaptation from post-editing workflow. I am currently funded by a european project named QT21. I also hold a grant from the Amazon Academic Research Awards (AARA) program, and a grant from the European Association of Machine Translation (EAMT).

Before coming to Sheffield, I was a postdoctoral researcher at Le Mans University in France (2013-2014), working on MateCAT. I also worked as a research engineer at Systran (2009-2012) during my PhD which I received from Le Mans University in 2013. The topic of my thesis is Evolutive Translation Models. I was supervised by Holger Schwenk (Facebook FAIR) and Jean Senellart (Systran).


My work in few words

Machine Translation is a tool and I do believe that, as for any tool, it has to be useful to its end user. This is what designing a good quality system means to me. For this reason, I focus on what could help to make a better machine translation system: adaptation to the task, efficient optimisation, evaluation and quality estimation that correlate human judgment, exploitation of user feedback (i.e. from post-editing)   more…